Scripts and associated files for rendering from Blender project on CSE remote servers (Blender version: 2.78)

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Blender add-on for distributing render jobs to remote servers (Blender version: 2.78b)

Server Farm Client Add-On:

  • Features:
    • Clean UI for sending frames to servers and viewing them within Blender
    • Mid-render previews/status updates available with 'SHIFT + P'
    • Abort render with 'ESC'
    • Full support for Cycles Render Engine (support for Blender Internal/Game 'animation' renders only - current frame render jobs processed locally)
    • NOTE: Files are auto-packed into the .blend file with each render process
  • System Requirements:
    • Operating System (local and remote):
      • Linux
      • Mac OS X
    • Required packages:
      • Local: rsync
      • Host Server: rsync, python
      • Client Servers: blender
  • Future improvements:
    • Handle known errors
      • Detect when required packages have not been installed on servers (see 'which' command)
      • Detect if you've run out of disk space
    • Don't pack files into the blend file?
    • 'blender_task' module
      • Integrate max server load functionality to set cap on how many frames will be rendered
      • Re-render failed frames automatically
      • Handle known errors (ssh keys, necessary packages not installed, run out of disk space, etc.)
      • Send tiles to the various servers based on computer speed